premium pink pineapple grown in costa rica.


premium pink pineapple grown in costa rica.


A pineapple like no other

Introducing the Hummingbird Dream™ pink pineapple. With its unique pink color, Hummingbird Dream™ pineapple adds a new take to any dish or cocktail and is sure to be the conversation piece at every table.


More to blush about

Compared to traditional pineapples, you may find Hummingbird Dream™ pink pineapples less sour, featuring more candied pineapple aromatics than conventional counterparts with a juicier feel.


Peeking into pink

Hummingbird Dream™ Pineapple derives its pink color from higher levels of lycopene, similar to the levels found in watermelons and tomatoes. Aside from helping create the beautiful pink color, lycopene is an antioxidant that has been associated with numerous health benefits.

  • Prepared to preserve quality and freshness

    Shipped crownless in a two-pack boxes

  • Expertly cultivated

    Exclusively grown on a select farm in the south-central part of Costa Rica

  • Exclusive tastings

    Limited availability at select bars and restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

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